Pamela J. Polley


Blue Trees, 24 x 20 inchesBlue Trees, 60cm x 50cm

Green Olives, 22 x 28 inchesGreen Olives, 55cm x 70cm

Rocket Launcher with Capitelle, 28 x 42 inchesRocket Launcher with Capitelle, 70cm x 55cm, Sold

Purple Paths, SoldPurple Paths, 90cm x 90cm, Sold

Red Edge, 28 x 22 inchesRed Edge, 70cm x 55cm, Sold

For Nat, 21 x 30 inchesFor Nat, 55cm x 75cm

Lilac Trails, 24 x 20 inchesLilac Trails, 60cm x 50cm, Sold

White Bridge, 48 x 24 inchesWhite Bridge, 120cm x 60cm, Sold

This series explores the juxtaposition of colors and patterns that occurred in Indiennes Provençales, the textiles beloved by the Provençal people and banned by the French crown. “Souleiado” is the ancient Provençal word for “ray of sunshine after the rain" and it is the name that one of the main French families printing these fabrics took for their textiles. The fabrics themselves are bright and bold and when used, the patterns are mixed with judicious abandon--the canny knowledge of scale and color is a talent that would seem almost genetic in the people of southern France.