Pamela J. Polley

Lost Crossroads

Nothing Runs Like a Deere, 48 x 24 inches, UnavailableNothing Runs Like a Deere, 120cm x 60cm, Sold

Not In My Neighborhood, 48 x 24 inchesNot In My Neighborhood, 120cm x 60cm

Homearama, Origin of the Species, 28 x 42 inchesHomearama, Origin of the Species, 70cm x 105cm,Sold

Last Frame, SoldLast Frame, 45cm x 90cm, Sold

Big Top, SoldBig Top, 45cm x 90cm, Sold

Developer's Dream, SoldDeveloper's Dream, 75cm x 75cm, Sold

Landmark, SoldLandmark, 75cm x 75cm, Sold

Future Home Of, SoldFuture Home Of, 75cm x 75cm, Sold

Developer's Dream II, 36 x 24 inchesDeveloper's Dream II, 90cm x 60cm

Streetside Serenade, SoldStreetside Serenade, 55cm x 45cm, Sold

Take Manhattan, SoldTake Manhattan, 75cm x 75cm, Sold

Greening of America, 24 x 36 inchesGreening of America, 60cm x 90cm

Opposites Attract, 24 x 36 inchesOpposites Attract, 60cm x 90cm, Sold

Shawnee's Last Stand, 24 x 30 inchesShawnee's Last Stand, 60cm x 75cm, Sold