The South of France has always been a magical destination for painters; Van Gogh, Gaugain, Matisse, Cezanne, Picasso, and so many more have been inspired by the bright Mediterranean light and vivid colors.  The first time I visited, it all became clear to me, and I too, was held captive by this spellbinding landscape.

Riding in the TGV from the greyness of Paris, you have a strange sensation that you’re slowly (or in this case, 200 mph) approaching a land of Oz of sorts.  Fields of lavender and sunflowers make a dazzling quilt interspersed with row upon row of deep green vines and olive trees almost as old as the dirt at their roots; villages rise from the ochre hills around them like some giant’s sandcastle creations.  Nature is creatively coerced into Cartesian order under a sky so blue that you feel like laughing.  

Everything the light touches turns brilliant and bold and you can’t help but understand the magic.

Pont Vert, 26" X 46"


Charmette's View, Sold

Painting, Charmettes View

Sanilhac Scene, 20" x 28"

Sanilhac Scene

Sanilhac Shortcut, 20" x 28"

Sanilhac Shortcut

Olive Afternoon, 22" x 28"


Pont Shadow, Unavailable

Painting, Pont Shadow

Cedar, Sold

Painting, Cedar

Via Sanilhac, 20" x 28"

Via Sanilhac

Pamela J. Polley South Light



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