The paths of the Garrigue, garrigue being the typical coastal Mediterranean landscape, are the subject of this series, taken from photos of the same, steps away from the front door of my house in France. The paths are an almost complete sensory experience: your feet can feel the stones through your shoes as your ears take in the cicadas' hum, the rosemary and juniper hang sharp in the warm air, and if you're lucky, you've brought a picnic of bread from the bakery at the trailhead and a bottle of the local rosť. Life doesn't get much better than this for me, and in the paintings, I wanted that happiness to be apparent.

In terms of execution, I am currently exploring the layering of paint and paintings, including overpaints, not only to create a certain non-perspective depth on the canvas, but to create a history of the painting itself. Just like the garrigue, the overpaints provide a subtle, but multi-diminsional experience for the viewer, to wonder and wander on his own in the happy light.


Pamela J. Polley Chemins de la



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