Swampgarden, 42" x 42"

Painting, Swampgarden

Sanctuary 42" x 42"

Painting, Sanctuary

Along the Ashley, Sold

Painting, Along the Ashley

Shade Arcade, Sold

Painting, Shade Arcade

South Battery Shadow Sold

Painting, South Battery Shadow

In the Pink, Sold

Painting, In the Pink

Black Gate on King, Sold

Painting, Black Gate on King

Painting, Knobby Knees

Knobby Knees 36" x 24"

Green Glow, Sold

Painting, Green Glow

Mas Moss, 36" x 24"

Painting, Mas Moss

Garden Glow, Sold

Painting, Garden Glow


A profound awakening, before I

There is something about this

Thanks go to my parents

Pamela J. Polley Song of the



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