Pam Polley, people & places
Painting, Along the Ashley
Painting, Sanctuary
SANCTUARY, 42in X 42in $1800
ALONG THE ASHLEY, 42in X  42in, $1800
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Painting, Swampgarden
SWAMPGARDEN, 42in X 42in, $1800
Painting, In the Pink
Painting, Black Gate on King
BLACK GATE ON KING, 20in X 24in, $900 IN THE PINK, 20in X 24in, $900
Painting, Shade Arcade Painting, South Battery Shadow
SHADE ARCADE, 20in X 24in, $900 SOUTH BATTERY SHADOW, 20in X 24in, SOLD
Painting, Green Glow
Painting, Mas Moss
Painting, Knobby Knees
GREEN GLOW, 36in X 24in, $900
KNOBBY KNEES, 36in X 24in, $900
MÁS MOSS, 36in X 24in, $900
Painting, Garden Glow
A profound awakening, before I
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