Pam Polley, people & places
Bloodshot Moon, oil on canvas, $650 Fumblin' With the Blues, oil on canvas, $650
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BLOODSHOT MOON, 54in X 36in, $800 FUMBLIN' WITH THE BLUES, 54in X 36in, $800
Transfusion, oil on canvas, $650
Pullin' Up Lame, oil on canvas, $650
TRANSFUSION, 54in X 36in, $800
PULLIN' UP LAME, 54in X 36in, $800
Lovelight, oil on canvas, $650 New Coat of Paint, oil on canvas, $650
LOVELIGHT, 54in X 36in, $800 NEW COAT OF PAINT, 54in X 36in, $800
When I heard the music
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